Philipee Lirus

Board Members

Born on November 3rd, 1959 at Fort de France (Martinique FWI), Philippe Lirus went to Paris (France) in 2979 where he lived 12 years. After nursing studies, he worked for six years at the Necker Hospital (1986/1992). Of his childhood he practiced different sports (athletics, handball, sailing, judo). In Paris, he discovered and practiced volleyball until National 3 level as a player. He starts very early coach and referee training. He was also elected to the « Hauts de Seine » Committee and the « Ile de France » Ligue before returning to his native island in 1992 where he participated in the creation of the "Pole Volley Ball." He subsequently leads all selections. He responds favorably to the proposal of Mohammed Mushtaque and then founding member of the CARIBWOLF (1994) which became CAZOVA. He participated in almost all the different senior competitions (bronze in 1995 in Bahamas male / female in 1998 in Martinique) as Head coach.

In 1998 Secretary General and Head coach when Martinique receives CVC (Male: silver / female: bronze) 

He was Head Delegation in 1999 when Martinique wins for the first time the junior CVC in
Jamaica and Project Manager in 2008 for CVC man in Barbados for the first senior victory.
He has been elected as Cazova executive member and Press Mass Media NORCECA  commission as press officer and photographer. Father of 3 children he has only one word: integrity.